Original Article

Strengths and Obstacles Related to Mobilizing Community Businesses:Qualitative Analysis of Interviews with Employees of Comprehensive Community Support Centers

Rie Yamanoi, Kentaro Ishida, Masayuki Asai and Kazumi Senoo


Abstract This study uses the strengths perspective (Saleebey, 2005) to clarify the strengths and obstacles encountered by Comprehensive Community Support Centers (CCSCs) in mobilizing community businesses. A qualitative study was conducted using semi-structured interviews with 20 employees in nine CCSCs in A city. The subjects were interviewed on the basis of the strengths and obstacles they encountered while mobilizing community businesses in an effort to motivate them to join a project to assist the elderly. Data were analyzed according to two systems such as the community businesses and district systems.
Findings indicate that the number and type of registered community businesses and the activities of CCSCs are more heavily influenced by their location and qualifications of the employees than their parent corporations. Community businesses joined the project because of their attachment to their district, awareness of their elderly customers, desire to improve their image, and other considerations. Cooperation from local organizations also encouraged their participation. However, some community businesses stated their inability to participate in the community activity. Another obstacle in developing and mobilizing community businesses was the decline in the number of small community-based shops that could take charge of the informal supporters in their districts.

Keywords: Comprehensive Community Support Centers (CCSCs) • strength • obstacle • qualitative study • resources • generalist social work

Japanese Journal of Social Welfare, 54(5), 41-53 2014